At this time we are offering the Woodcock Johnson via teleassement.  Due to very high demand we are only scheduling annual WJ-IV assessments with existing clients.

North Carolina state law requires that every home school registered with the Department of Non-Public Education (DNPE) administer a nationally standardized achievement test to all students between who are age 7 or older.  The state does not dictate which test should be given but the areas of grammar, reading, spelling, and math must be covered.  The DNPE also recommends that the test be administered during the same week each year. 

When should I choose the Woodcock Johnson (WJ-IV)?

The WJ-IV is different from the other tests because it is individually administered rather than being given in a group.  The test format provides interaction between the examiner and the student and allows for breaks as needed.  This is ideal for younger children, students who are easily distracted, and students who may be anxious about testing and need extra encouragement.  


The structure of the WJ-IV includes both oral and written tasks.  There are no multiple choice questions and no bubble sheets.  

The WJ-IV contains items that range from kindergarten through college level.  The administrator chooses a place to begin that is likely to be fairly easy for the student and continues to test until the items have become too difficult.  This allows students who may be functioning above or below their actual grade level to truly demonstrate what they know.  Many other tests are grade-specific and contain items with a limited range of difficulty.


The WJ-IV includes both timed and untimed tests.  It can be very useful to compare your child’s academic performance with and without a time limit.

How much does the testing cost?

Basic WJ-IV: $105


The Basic WJ-IV meets the NC DNPE annual testing requirements.  It gives you information about how your child compares to peers in the same grade. The Basic WJ-IV consists of 9 tests that usually take about 90 minutes to administer. You will receive a computer generated printout of scores.  A 15 minute consultation is included.

Additional Reading Assessment $100

Additional tests from the WJ-IV can be added to the basic assessment to provide more detailed information about phonological skills, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. This assessment is a good choice if your child is struggling with reading.

What if I have concerns that my child may have a learning disability?

The WJ-IV is just one piece of an evaluation for learning disabilities. If you have concerns about a learning disability, you can request a psychoeducational evaluation. This will include additional assessment with your child as well as an in-depth interview with you. You will have an opportunity to discuss the results in detail and you will receive a written report with specific suggestions about what types of teaching strategies will be most effective for your child. The report will include a diagnosis if appropriate. 



How can I prepare my child for the testing?

You can explain to your child that the test will show you what they have learned this year.  You can also explain that there might be some easy questions and some hard questions.  Make sure your child knows that all they need to do is try their best. 


In addition, make sure your child gets plenty of sleep prior to the day of the test and eats a good breakfast.  Plan ahead to make sure you arrive on time and are not hurried, as this may add to your child’s stress level.